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1%5). It says, among m h ... things. t...... -Ih<> translllOT should gi"~ fi rs! Oning of t"'-" communica tion~ (no. 81. A faithful translation, t""nrlon-, ... ,ununkation muo;! I.... - to U.... n>Sp«tiv .. languageH(M. 6). , 0 kN>p the rorrect signification. words and ... prt'S$ions must "" u~ in , Iwir P"'P""" hislorical. 1. and " 1",,1"",aningsH(no. 13 d). H n... /;<' ($;IYS t ..... lnslnlcrion) should be I.... I<·.... ,.... 1n meaning into common words" rat ...... than by "importing uncommon Or t«hnical terms " (no, 1'1.

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