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Then whenever \newname appears in your input file, it will be replaced by whatever is between the braces in the definition. Of course \newname must satisfy the convention for naming control sequences, that is, it must be a control word (all letters) or a control symbol (exactly one nonletter). So, for example, suppose you write a document that contains the phrase “University of Manitoba” many times. Then \def\um{University of Manitoba} defines a new control sequence \um which can then be used at any time.

When \newword{. } appears in the text, it will use the definition of \newword with the 57 A TEX intro (Canadian spelling) Section 7: Rolling your own material between the braces inserted into the template at every occurrence of #1 in the original definition. The spacing in the original definition is crucial here; there must be no spaces before the opening brace. As an example, we could use the form letter of the last section in the following way: \def\letter#1{ \par \noindent Dear #1, This is a little note to let you know that your name is #1.

2 Take the table given above and move it closer to the centre of the page. 3 One way to centre a block of text, possibly several lines long, is to use: $$\vbox{. }$$. Use this to centre the table given above. Does the \settabs line need to be included in the \vbox? 4 Improve your last result by putting a line under the column heads. The control word \hrule will insert a horizontal line if introduced between two rows of a table. Now repeat with the control word \strut after the \+ of the line containing the column 50 A TEX intro (Canadian spelling) Section 6: All in a row heads.

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